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2014 Telluride, Co Balloon Festival


The 31st Annual Telluride Balloon Festival will be held the weekend of June 6-8. June 7 is the most active day beginning with an early morning launch from Town Park and ending with the “glow” on Main Street in the evening. Saturday afternoon, there will be a photography workshop geared specifically to photographing ballons. Sunday morning the balloons are scheduled to launch again from Town Park.

It is possible to take a ride on a balloon either Saturday or Sunday, but there are a limited number of slots. Usually, the crowds are thinner on Sunday morning. You will improve your chances by being willing to help inflate the balloon, so get there by 6am and ask to help. Most years, at the balloons will launch at least one of the two days, but there’s no guarantee. Safety comes first and the weather must cooperate.



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