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Why Telluride?

​Telluride real estate opportunities offer both an investment in your family lifestyle and financial bottom line.

Nearly four decades ago, a masterplan was envisioned and implemented, to limit the region’s growth, avoid haphazard development and promote a sense of community in scale with its this precious mountain environment.

Surrounded by federally controlled lands, vertical development was reduced to 4200 of the region’s 14,000 acres privately owned property allowing for fewer than 4000 single family equivalents — a very small fraction of other major Rocky Mountain Resorts.

Telluride’s scenic and pristine backdrop is second to none and has been the subject of countless of publications over the decades — (Telluride Wows with Charm, Scenery and Great Skiing – Forbes). Year- round outdoor activities and festivals attract skier and non-skiers alike in a family and second homeowner friendly community.

Two distinctly different communities, Telluride and The Mountain Village, combine the best of Colorado — A quaint Victorian mining town (Nation Historic Landmark) and a European-style, mid-mountain village joined by a 12-minute gondola ride with three ski mountains between. Convenience of ownership is enhanced by the diminished need for the automobile.

The small-town ambiance of the region is further preserved by high-quality controls related to building design and materials’ usage throughout the entire region. Telluride is forever preserved and its real estate market has greatly benefited from decades of thoughtful planning and nature’s gift of astonishing beauty.