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Colorado Association Of Realtors Approve $25,000 To Help The Victims Of The Fourmile Canyon Fire

The CARHOF Board of Directors voted over the weekend to approve $25,000 of state funds to help the victims of the Fourmile Canyon fire in Boulder. The Fourmile fire has displaced over 3,000 residents and has destroyed 169 personal residences, including nine homes of volunteer fire fighters. Reviewing the list of destroyed homes, it is clear that the devastation is largely impacting middle-class families, not the ultra wealthy. The funds will go to Elevations Credit Union Foundation, an affiliate member of the Boulder Area REALTOR Association, and they pledge to match dollar for dollar donations up to $10,000. The Foundation will allow BARA to direct all CARHOF funds as needed for temporary and long-term shelter through organizations like Emergency Family Assistance, United Way, the Red Cross, etc. Additionally, CAR is requesting $35,000 of disaster relief from NAR and we will know this week if the request is approved. As you know, CARHOF’s brilliant founders set it up so 15% of what is collected from interest on earnest money goes into a state fund for statewide projects and disaster relief. This set-up gives REALTORS across the state a chance to help in case of a disaster in one community. Over the years, CARHOF has donated $182,400 to help victims of disasters in Colorado with their housing. We are grateful to have the resources to help, and I’m sure we all wish the best for those displaced by the Fourmile fire.

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