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Fall Tilt Telluride / 12 Hr. Downhill Endurance Race

Fall Tilt 12-Hour Endurance Downhill Mountain Bike Race with a $5,000 Cash Purse

October 6, 2012

For those craving a challenge like no other, we’ve got your ticket … and a$5,000 cash purse. Mountain Village returns this year with Fall Tilt, a 12-hour endurance downhill mountain bike race challenge geared towards experienced riders. The race begins Saturday, October 6 at 8 a.m. and finishes at 8 p.m. The winners of the challenge are determined by the total number of laps completed in a 12-hour period. If you missed last year’s event, shame on you. It’s time to redeem yourself … and watch the Fall Tilt video for some inspiration and like the Mountain Village Bike Park Facebook page.

Venue Logistics

The Mountain Village Bike Park will set the stage for the Fall Tilt 12-Hour Endurance Race, and designated downhill courses will be utilized simultaneously from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Courses will be taped and marked, closed to the public, patrolled and marshaled. Terrain will be varied from rocky, technical riding on the World Cup course to slower riding on a “recovery” trail or two. There are trails that will suit all riders, and it is the rider’s discretion to which trail they will use for each downhill lap. Riders are responsible for their own repair and equipment replacement. We will have a pit area setup for riders’ convenience, steps away from the gondola in Mountain Village.

Trails for Friday’s practice and Saturday’s race day will be accessed via Mountain Village’s free gondola. Gondola access is provided at no additional cost to the competitors; no lift ticket is required – your race plate will serve that purpose.

Rules & Regulations

  • There are no ties. Close finishes will be resolved by timing and course officials using recorded data.
  • Team class is based on best rider-on-team skill level.
  • Obvious and significantly injured riders will be suspended unless or until they are proven capable of continuing safely (discretion of course officials).
  • Gondola loading will be two riders/bikes per cabin.
  • Only one rider per team is allowed on course at any given time.
  • Course officials may DQ riders for unsafe or unsportsmanlike behavior at any time during the event.
  • Disputes may be petitioned to the race director and may result only in refund of registration fee.
  • Helmets and appropriate lighting (after 7 p.m.) are mandatory for all riders.

So, about those lights

Riding after dark will require the use of approved front-mounted bike lights. So, if you plan to bike the last (dark) hours of the event, you better have a heck of a good lighting system or you won’t be allowed to continue the race.

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