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Highlights From The Telluride Film Festival

2017 Telluride Film Festival Portraits :
See Angelina Jolie, Emma Stone, and more of the biggest names at the annual festival
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From Parade.com:
The Telluride Film Festival is where stars come down to earth. Specifically, a quaint difficult-to-access town in the San Juan mountains that’s a solid 90 minutes from the closest airport. They land, they ride in a shuttle with everyone else, and then they stay for days. And why not? Thanks to an ultra-laid back, paparazzi-free atmosphere, an A-list actor can roam around a local bar in a flannel shirt and jeans and not be bothered. (I saw this first-hand.) There’s still movie business to attend to, though — and the talent in attendance at the 44th festival all had magic moments on the big screen. Months from now when these celebs are dressed up and walking an awards red carpet, perhaps they’ll remember how the fun began during a casual Labor Day weekend in Colorado. Get a look at seven stand-out stars.

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