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How to get buyers’ attention to your luxury ski property

How to get buyers’ attention to your luxury ski property

If you’re selling your property in Telluride, make sure your listing stands out from the rest of luxury ski homes for sale in Colorado. There are several ways to do this, including the following:

  1. Sell the local lifestyle and attractions

    Luxury buyers are not just looking to own a vacation home, they’re also buying the lifestyle that comes with one. In your listing descriptions and photos, make sure to include highlights of the Telluride lifestyle. Play up the great skiing, the breathtaking scenery, and small-town charm. Drone photos and videos are recommended to fully display the town’s and ski slopes’ beauty and majesty.

    Be the local guide. Talk about the festivals Telluride is known for. Include some information about the dining and nightlife scene. Keep in mind that a vast majority of luxury ski buyers are not locals and are looking for the perfect place to spend their vacations. Make it your goal to let them see why Telluride is the right choice.

  2. Highlight your home’s entertainment potential

    Ski homes mean winter holidays, and winter holidays in ski towns almost always mean parties. Play up the entertainment potential of your property. If you have a large living or dining area, make sure to highlight this in your listing with excellent photos. Stage the room with an elegant table setting, or a blazing fireplace and warm overhead lighting. If you have a bar, showcase this in your listing, as well. Make sure it’s well-stocked with the best spirits before taking photos.

  3. Think all-season

    Telluride is not just an amazing winter destination, it’s also a wonderful place to be in the summer, offering a slew of outdoor adventures. Play this up in your listing, as well. If you have an outdoor living area, take photos during the warmer months and include the surrounding views. Highlight summer activities in the area, including golfing, fishing, and mountain climbing. Mention the festivals and events that happen in the non-winter months. Show photos of the area during the summer and other seasons, and give buyers reasons to believe they can have a fabulous retreat here any time of the year.

  4. Be prepared with information on the property’s investment potential

    Many buyers purchase a vacation home with the idea of renting it out when they’re not using it personally. Make it easy for them to see the profit potential of your home by providing them with rental projections. If you don’t have firsthand information about this, consult with rental experts in the area.

  5. Be upfront with the property’s condition

    As a rule, it’s best to do the necessary home repairs and improvements before putting up your property for sale. If your property has undergone recent upgrades, let buyers know about these. However, if there are still issues with the home’s condition, be upfront about them as well. If possible, provide buyers with estimates of potential repair or improvement costs, and give them a list of reliable contractors in the area. Eliminating unwanted surprises will establish goodwill and give buyers confidence in buying your property.

  6. Stage your home

    Home staging has been found to help homes sell faster and at a higher price. It is even more crucial for luxury properties as luxury buyers tend to be more discriminating. Staging can give your home the “wow factor” by highlighting its best features while downplaying the less attractive ones. It will also make it easier for buyers to imagine themselves living in the home, which is crucial in real estate marketing.

  7. Price it right

    Keep in mind that luxury ski homes have a limited market, so you should not give buyers reason to disregard your listing and turn their attention to other properties. If your home is overpriced, buyers can simply pass it over and move on to properties they consider to be more reasonably priced. Or, perhaps, they’ll choose to wait until you bring your listing price down. The need for secondary homes, particularly in the luxury sector, are generally not as urgent as the need for primary homes, so buyers have time to wait before making a purchase.

  8. Hold open houses

    The effectiveness of open houses is debated upon in the real estate industry. Ski homes, however, may be one property type that can benefit from an open house. As buyers of these properties can only come occasionally, there’s bound to be plenty of enthusiasm about seeing their options in person. Even tourists with no intention of buying a house may be swayed into making the purchase or can refer the home to people they know. Ask your Realtor about the pros and cons of staging an open home. What is certainly advisable, though, is a Broker Open House, which is limited only to real estate agents who can promote your home.

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