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How to Make Your Luxury Property Stand Out in the Resale Market

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Telluride offers every luxury imaginable, from upscale hotels to fine dining. The preference for luxury extends to the real estate market, which brings you some of the finest properties in Southwest Colorado.

In a town where people expect no less than the best, how do you make your luxury listing stand out? Here are some expert tips:

Work with a luxury real estate expert

Choose an agent who knows what top-tier buyers are looking for in a home. Agents with substantial experience buying and selling upscale homes will have greater success in marketing your property.

Navigating Telluride’s luxury real estate market requires a specific set of skills from an agent. These include luxury staging, high-end marketing, and unwavering composure during high-stakes negotiations, just to name a few.

Luxury real estate agents practice utmost discretion, privacy, and confidentiality when representing high-profile sellers. While ensuring the anonymity and security of their clients, they have an extensive professional network that enables them to connect with prospective buyers who meet the seller’s requirements and standards.

Invest in professional home staging

Presentation is a key ingredient to attracting serious buyers.

Professional home stagers know how to capture the discerning tastes of high net worth individuals. They will decorate your home based on a theme or lifestyle, making sure that all arrangements and design choices connect to a coherent, deliberate look. The staging professional can style your home around a rustic, modern, or Western theme depending on the location of your home, as well as your overall marketing strategy.

Well-connected stagers can also bring in necessary furniture pieces and exquisite artwork to make your home appeal to luxury clientele.

Hire a professional real estate photographer

When selling a luxury property, investing in quality photos is a must. Your real estate photos must reflect the unique character of your home so that buyers are compelled to request a private home viewing.

Find a professional photographer who specializes in luxury properties. They will know the best angles to showcase the most desirable qualities of your home.

Look into promotional material that make the most out of modern digital technology, as well. Videos and 3D “virtual” tours around your property can make your marketing materials stand out from common listings. Aerial video footage, courtesy of drone-mounted cameras, are also effective marketing media.

Use these to make a strong, positive impression on today’s ubiquitous social media platforms.

Showcase your home’s unique features

Luxury homes are prized for their distinctiveness, so be sure that these qualities take center stage in your promotions. Take stock of your home’s one-of-a-kind, upscale features and play down the ones that can easily be found elsewhere.

For example, if your kitchen is lined with handmade tiles from Spain, mention it in your listing. The same goes for hard-to-find features like oxygenated pools, Tiffany stained glass windows, custom car lifts, radiant floor heating, and so on.

Features like quartz countertops and hardwood floors may be essential parts of the home, but chances are, top-tier buyers and seasoned investors won’t be as impressed with these common features.

Another thing that makes your home unique? Provenance – or simply put, history. If the property has a rich and noteworthy story to tell, use it to catch buyers’ attention and interest. For instance, if the home was previously occupied by a celebrity or an esteemed figure in history, make that important detail stand out. Homes designed by prominent architects also attract sophisticated, high-end buyers.

Sell a lifestyle, not just a home

When it comes to luxury property, buyers want more than a list of features. They want a lifestyle.

When crafting your marketing strategy for your luxury home, focus on what kind of life the next owner will enjoy in it. For instance, if your home offers quick access to ski lifts and groomed trails, highlight the property’s potential as an ideal take-off point for outdoor adventures.

It’s not just about location. Explain how the private amenities on the property can help them relax, work better, or stay physically active.

Sweeten the pot

Boost your chances of making a lucrative sale by adding value to the transaction. Make the deal hard to resist by including valuable pieces of furniture, art, or high-end appliances.

Learn about your prospective buyer and their hobbies and lifestyle. If they showed interest in the antique piano in your living area, consider offering to them. If they’re art collectors, take your artworks out from storage and put them on display.

For more tips on how to get your home ready to sell, work with me, Telluride real estate expert TD Smith. Contact me and the team at +1 970.729.1577 or td@tdsmith.com.

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