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It Is Snowing In Telluride – Snow Report

Snow Report

Today Base 24 Hours 48 Hours 7 Day Total Season Total
25 degree Fahrenheit/-4 degree Celsius 70 5 14 18 192

Happy Fat Tuesday
Not quite the bounty we saw yesterday morning, but we’ve received about five inches of new snow in the last 24 hours; much of that falling since the lifts closed yesterday.

Open Lifts:
All lifts open on time. Park Lift (2) Open Thursday through Sunday 4pm – 8pm.

Hike-to Terrain:
Changing conditions affect trail availability. Palmyra Peak and the Gold Hill Chutes will undoubtedly start the day as closed, but look for other hike-to terrain to open fairly quickly. Patrol has been all over it. For the most up-to-date information, check the Information Board at the bottom of each lift and at the Bald Mountain, Gold Hill Ridge and Prospect Ridge hike-to entrances.

Open Parks:
Terrain parks open: Misty Maiden Park, 2 Park, Hoot Brown Advanced Park and Ute Park. Hoot Brown Advanced Park delayed.

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