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New Mountain Architecture / Contemporary

For decades, buyers identified mountain home architecture with a rustic lodge ambiance – – log, stone, massive stone fireplaces, rustic wood flooring, timber beams and overstuffed furnishings. Of note in the recent past,  more industrialized / sleek contemporary interiors and linear exterior architecture have burst on the scene. Wood beams have been replaced by a steel industrial look, flooring with French white Oaks, marble fireplace surrounds, high gloss acrylic cabinetry, wet style vanities, “museum quality” drywall finishes and square trim LED lighting fixtures. Furnishings tend to take on the look and feel of an upscale urban penthouse and gas fireplaces are often glass-encased, three sided with stone vs. log sets. The contrast between traditional vs. contemporary is quite significant, with the latter becoming more and more indemand.

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