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Off Season Transactions Can Yield Significant Savings In The Telluride Market

Telluride has two off seasons in the spring and fall. From the 1st of April to the middle of June and again from the middle of October to the 1st of December, resort activity is quite slow. These seasons also witness a slow down in real estate sales and for those sellers with some degree of motivation, frequently 5%-7% discounts in addition to the negotiated settlement can be realized. Obviously, “time is money” and those sellers who have not contracted “in season” will not likely garner another offer until a month or two beyond the off season. Basically this means that 5-6 months could elapse between the onset of off season, realization of a contract and a final closing.

With few restaurants, lodges and other amenities not operational, an off season visit may not sound too inviting, but if a lifestyle investment in a second home is on the horizon, it may be well worth a visit.

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