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Telluride Regional Airport Scheduled To Reopen November 4th

Telluride Regional Airport sits atop Deep Creek Mesa and is North America’s highest commercial airport. At 9,078 feet above sea level, the airport offers picturesque views of the San Juan Mountains. And now – getting to Telluride has never been easier.

Phase 2 consisted of the removal of the existing runway and reducing the grades which resulted in the west end of the runway being lowered by 30 feet the center of the runway (dip error) was raised 16 feet, and the east end of the runway was lowered 14 feet. The result of this is a runway that now meets FAA standard s. In addition, the safety areas west of the old dip area have been widened to 250 feet from 150 feet. We have also added all new runway lighting.

Phase 2 reconstruction started on April 7 and is scheduled to be completed November 4th, 2009. Construction progress is running on time.

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