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Telluride Ski and Golf CEO Reports to Town Council

To the surprise of the entire Telluride Town Council, CEO Bill Jensen reported that Telluride’s 319 inches of snow this winter did not break a record set in 2007 – 2008 of 341 inches. However, if one considers pre-ski season snow in October, year to date snowfall exceeds 370 inches. Of course, April and May can prove to be snow makers and there is no reason to doubt that the high country could accumulate over 33 feet of the white stuff. It is difficult to remember a better powder year and our first year with guests holding the Epic Pass (70% out of state) certainly enjoyed their first experiences of skiing Telluride. Air travel increased 11%,and while retail sales tax numbers have not been officially reported, certainly those will also be a record. One matter is for certain, the mountains and valleys will be an emerald green this summer!

Come and enjoy 70 degree weather with less than 10% humidity this summer.

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