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Telluride’s Ski Properties

Things to consider when investing in ski property

Living in a ski resort property may seem like the epitome of deluxe living. However, the snow and cold in a mountain setting can present a unique set of challenges to properties found here. If you still want to take the challenge head-on, here are a few things you need to factor in.


Choosing the right location matters for a variety of reasons. One of these is value for money. Take, for instance, winter homes in big-name destinations like Aspen and Courchevel. Given their location, homes in those areas also require a huge investment. Rather than riding the bandwagon to be within paparazzi distance from celebrities or to attach the name of the region to your address, you’ll be better off finding more reasonably priced properties down the lane.

Imagine, just 15-20 miles outside of these high-profile communities, you can likely find up-and-coming areas at lower prices. These locales can also provide approximately the same idyllic setting with easy access to great ski slopes and other outdoor recreational activities. It may also be easier to secure greater acreage in these newer regions.

Moving around

Access to your property should also be considered. Take into account the cost of commuting and proximity to transport links like airports and roads. Telluride is only around 5.6 miles east from Telluride Regional Airport via State Highway 145. During inclement weather, the Montrose-Telluride Regional Airport found almost 68 miles up north becomes the better option for flights.

The wonderful thing about Telluride is that once you’re there, getting from one place to another can be done on foot. Getting to the resorts like Mountain Village is easy from the town via the free gondola service.

Access to amenities

Pick a ski property that will indulge you in the serenity of mountain living but will still keep you in touch with modern conveniences like retail and food options. Thus, it is wise to choose one that is close to major towns or cities. If privacy is a must, then opt for larger-sized properties with residences that are away from the road and without surrounding developments blocking your view.

Maintenance costs

A palatial home built in a log-cabin style may seem like the ultimate in mountain living. However, such a home also requires high maintenance.

Notwithstanding the kind of timber used, there will be the constant problem of pest infestation, as well as moisture seepage resulting in mold and mildew. To keep the primary construction material (wood) in tiptop condition, it would be best to have this carefully treated and maintained.

Besides bugs and water damage, there is also the risk of exposure to UV radiation. This requires the application of quality stains with high UV blocking ability.

Another weather-related concern for ski properties relates to proper insulation. You cannot absolutely do with a cold draft wafting throughout your property. If you’re determined to acquire a ski property, then you will have to get acquainted with things like R-values and chinking as these could very well affect the property’s level of comfort indoors.

Type of property

The kind of property to be invested in also has an impact on maintenance costs. If you choose to invest in large single-family properties, these costs are yours alone. If, however, you invest in joint communities like resort condominiums, maintenance of the property is shared. Though smaller, the latter has the potential of seeing higher demand as a vacation rental.

Turning your ski property into a vacation rental actually makes sense financially.  Not only does this become an additional revenue stream, but it can also offer positive tax implications.

Ski on, ski off properties are particularly enticing as these allow residents to literally ski right onto or off the slopes from the property. This easy access to ski slopes is something many vacationers are happy to pay extra for.

Carry out a trial run

Some homeowners putting up their ski properties for sale may offer potential buyers the opportunity to visit and test out their properties. By all means, give the property a trial run! Not only will you earn a chance to see for yourself how it is like living there, but you will also be able to learn more about the community. Try out the recreational facilities, meet people, and explore the landscape to help you make that final decision. Better yet, visit during inclement weather so you can see for yourself how well the property can withstand the elements.

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Acknowledged as one of the best skiing destinations in the world, Telluride in winter is simply exceptional. But as the excitement for ski season builds up, don’t forget to prepare your home for the freezing weather ahead. Call professional help to inspect your roof and gutters, clean your chimney, and check your furnace. Your home use up the most energy during the winter, so make sure everything is in top shape to avoid a spike in your utilities bill. Protect your landscaping from the effects of extreme weather. And make sure you’re ready for any emergency. Read on to find useful tips.

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