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The Wonderful Evolution of Ski Chalets

mountains in the winter

Exploring the impressive range of Colorado mountain homes for sale in Telluride and Mountain Village? One of the finest types of real estate you will find here is the ski chalet.

Learn about the ski chalet’s humble origins and its evolution from a cattle herder’s home into today’s luxury lodgings and winter vacation homes.

From humble, spartan roots

The word “chalet” means “herder’s hut” in Latin. This was exactly what this type of shelter was originally known and used for.

Hailing from Europe’s mountainous regions – such as the Swiss, Bavarian, and French Alps – chalets were built and used by cattle herders for storing butter and milk in the summer. During the winter, herders would leave their chalets and return to the flat lands and valleys, bringing their livestock and dairy products.

Chalets were small houses or buildings made of alpine wood. They featured a distinctive sloped roof, ideal for withstanding large amounts of snowfall. These homes were built using three- to six-inch-thick planks of timber, framed together in a manner similar to the construction of log cabins.

The distinctive design of this type of house also featured loggias or porches, formed from the low sidewalls that extend outwards. Because of this feature, upper levels typically projected over the lower floors. Balconies were a common feature of the façade, with carved railings adding a distinctive look to the structures.

Windows were small and attached to the frames as casements to provide better protection from the harsh, snowy conditions of their mountain region locations.

In most cases, the main living spaces, stables, and barns were all located under the same roof.

An irresistible appeal among vacationers

Eventually, European vacationers discovered the beauty of the alpine regions, creating a market for rentals. Herders were happy to rent out their chalets to these vacationers, gaining an additional source of income in the winter months.

City dwellers, in particular, loved the rugged and homey character of these chalets, which offered peace and seclusion in the winter.

While the traditional Swiss chalet remains the gold standard for this architectural style, the word “chalet” has evolved over time to include a wider range of mountain house designs.

In North America, for example, the word is used to refer to log cabins and other kinds of vacation homes in the mountainside or ski resort. It may also be used to describe houses located far from mountains, but are built in the Alpine style.

The dawn of the catered ski chalet

Austrian skier Erna Low is credited for pioneering the catered ski chalet vacation in 1932, when she started offering vacation packages to British skiers in her home country. These packages grew more popular in the post-war decades of the 1940s and 1950s. By the next decade, these would include air travel and professional hosts or “seasonaires.”

Back then, chalets were a far cry from the glamorous lodgings that we know today. It was common for vacationers to share bathrooms. The furniture was limited and rudimentary. Guests rarely even had warm water. It also took a rough hike to get to these properties.

The absence of a modern booking system meant that guests often didn’t know who they would be sharing the chalet with – and whether there would be enough space for all the guests.

The modern, upscale standard for luxurious ski vacations

Indeed, catered ski chalets have come a long way since then – while chalets have largely retained their exterior characteristics, their interiors have improved drastically.

Today’s chalets are incorporating upscale amenities like heated pools, hot tubs, and gourmet kitchens, similar to what you can find at any luxury hotel.

More importantly, vacationers have more control over their bookings, meaning they can choose whether to share the chalet or use it exclusively. Guests can also reserve a sufficient number of rooms for their party.

Catered chalets are now the most desirable lodging option for vacationers in need of rentals in and around ski resorts. They have also soared in popularity in mountainous regions in the United States, including Telluride and Mountain Village in Southwest Colorado.

Some vacationers even opt to buy chalets outright as vacation homes, so that they may enjoy the beauty of the San Juan Mountain Range whenever they please.

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