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What to know about moving to a town like Telluride Mountain Village, CO

like Telluride Mountain Village, CO

Telluride Mountain Village in Colorado is famous for its unforgettable outdoor attractions, stunning vistas, and welcoming atmosphere, all of which help make it a popular tourist destination.

Given the area’s inherent beauty, it’s not surprising that more people have made the decision to invest in Telluride Mountain Village, CO’s wide selection of in-demand real estate properties. Their incredible amenities epitomize a luxurious lifestyle.

Before buying homes for sale in Telluride Mountain Village, CO, however, here are some things you should know about moving to this beautiful alpine resort town.

Learn what life is like in Telluride Mountain Village, CO

The elevation
Located southwest of Telluride in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains, Mountain Village lies 9,300 feet above sea level, one of the highest in the US.

If you’re coming from Denver, Salt Lake City, Albuquerque, and Phoenix, you’ll have to drive all day to get to Telluride Mountain Village. For destinations farther away, you can take a plane to Telluride Regional Airport, which is 15 minutes from the town proper. Montrose Regional Airport, on the other hand, is 68 miles north of Telluride Mountain Village.

First-time visitors and new residents will also have to adapt to the altitude, which may cause headaches, fatigue, dizziness, and sleep disturbance. These symptoms often manifest within 10 hours of arriving in town and typically subside within a day or two but, there are ways to minimize high altitude symptoms.

The climate
Freezing nighttime temperatures, foggy mornings, and rain are par for the course in most alpine locations, especially during winter. The same is true for Telluride Mountain Village, where temperatures average between 12ºF and 31ºF from December to February.

In summer, however, this small southwestern Colorado town experiences temperatures of 31ºF at its lowest to a mild 71ºF at its highest. The warmer months make Telluride Mountain Village perfect for outdoor activities like biking, hiking, and camping.

The natural environment
Much like the rest of Colorado, Telluride Mountain Village is noted for the diversity of its flora and fauna. As such, Telluride Mountain Village has taken measures to safeguard the environment, which include permanent conservation easements, wetland restoration programs, and energy conservation protocols.

Moreover, given the wide variety of wildlife species in the forests surrounding Telluride Mountain Village, residents and those who wish to invest in Telluride Mountain Village real estate are advised to secure their property to prevent bears and other animals from rummaging through your trash. Aluminum flashing and wire fencing will stop porcupines from damaging your garden. Also remember to keep your pets indoors so they won’t fall prey to mountain lions and elk.

The seasonal activities
Investing in homes for sale in Telluride Mountain Village, CO means being able to experience the town’s beauty – and enjoy its many activities – throughout the seasons.

Hiking and cycling are best in springtime, whereas summer is perfect for horseback riding and fly fishing. Fall is especially suited for camping, while winter is best spent downhill skiing and snowboarding, among others.

Experience the difference between city life and mountain life

mountain view

Mountain living has seen a resurgence in recent times, with urbanites trooping to places like Telluride and Telluride Mountain Village, CO to start anew.

Aside from the obvious change in scenery, moving to a mountain town means trading in hectic city living with a more relaxed lifestyle and a higher quality of life. These two factors make investing in Telluride Mountain Village real estate especially attractive to people wishing to break free from cramped city apartments and empty nests.

Moving to a mountain town allows you to reset your lifestyle. Without the white noise of urban life, you are able to cultivate mindfulness. You can finally slow down and practice true self-care, get rid of bad habits, live in the moment, find the work-life balance that’s long eluded you, and choose to be productive in areas of your life that matter the most.

Even in a luxurious resort town like Mountain Village, you can opt for a simpler life secure in the knowledge of abundant safety nets. There are jobs in the area offering healthy salaries. As a holiday destination, Mountain Village ensures a steady demand for rental properties, which makes buying homes for sale in Telluride Mountain Village, CO a potentially lucrative decision.

In terms of personal satisfaction, owning a Telluride Mountain Village home allows you to pursue unexplored passions. Whatever hobby, skill, or leisure activities you plan to take up, you can do so while enjoying the peace of mind afforded by this lovely community.

Check out the perks of living in a mountain town

mountain town

Mountain communities are famous for their arresting views and breathtaking amenities. They offer much more than that, however because communities like Mountain Village have been known to be life changing.

Here are some of the things you can look forward to:

  1. You get to live an active and healthy lifestyle
  2. Living in a high-altitude location such as Mountain Village has several health benefits, according to a study conducted by experts from the University of Colorado Denver. Published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, the study noted that people at higher altitudes have a lower chance of developing heart disease, causing them to live much longer compared to those who live in low-lying areas.

    According to the researchers, this health benefit can be traced to the oxygen levels and increased sunlight in high-altitude locations, both of which are linked to good cardiovascular health.

    In addition, moving to a mountain town ups your chances of adopting a more active and healthier lifestyle, thanks to the plethora of outdoor activities on offer. This includes seasonal fishing, hiking, playing golf, camping, swimming, biking, skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and ice skating.

  3. You get to live in a clean and pristine environment
  4. An important benefit that comes with investing in Telluride Mountain Village real estate is getting to live in an environment with less pollutants. Pristine surroundings, fresh mountain air, and uncontaminated waters are perks residents get to enjoy year round.

    The isolated location makes it easier for plants to flourish undisturbed. Thus, the vegetation and surrounding forests remain lush, which works wonders in helping reduce stress and fatigue, improve cognition, and promote good overall health.

  5. You get to live in tight-knit communities
  6. Living in the mountains can help you foster strong ties with the community. Unlike big cities, smaller communities like Mountain Village encourage esprit de corps or the feeling of pride and fellowship amongst neighbors. It’s easier if the total population is fewer than 1,800, as is the case in MountainVillage.

    According to multiple studies, fostering a strong sense of community has lasting positive effects on people, including stress reduction, better mental health, and low rates of heart disease.

  7. You get to enjoy utmost privacy
  8. Unlike the city’s crowded apartment buildings and street blocks, mountain communities offer the kind of privacy that comes with an isolated location and a lot of space. Thus, mountain living is perfect for those who want to live their lives without disturbing anyone. The luxurious and stately homes in Mountain Village are located away from the usual crowd of tourists and holiday-goers.

How to quickly adapt to living in a mountain community

mountain community

Relocating to a mountain community from the lowlands means making a lot more adjustments than if you were simply moving to a luxury condo in another city. If you plan to invest in Telluride Mountain Village real estate, here are some things you can do to make your impending move a lot easier.

  1. Prepare for the altitude
  2. When you live in mountain communities, be prepared for the thin air. You may be more fatigued than usual or find yourself catching your breath after walking just a few minutes. You may also have headaches, feel nauseous, and find it hard to sleep at night.

    These are signs of altitude sickness, which typically develop within hours of making the climb and often subside once your body gets used to the higher altitude and the environment.

    Here are some of the things you can do to minimize the effects of altitude sickness:

    • Keep yourself hydrated
    • Don’t strain yourself
    • Try sleeping earlier
    • Relax
    • Utilize an oxygen enriching device
  3. Get in shape
  4. Being as fit as possible helps. Start working out – jog, lift weights, do yoga – or find other ways of getting in shape before moving to communities like Mountain Village. Preparing yourself for life in the mountains is important, but it’s just as important to keep at it even after you’ve settled in.

  5. Hone your DIY skills
  6. Given the relative isolation of the area, it is important that you learn several basic skills before buying homes for sale in Telluride Mountain Village, CO. While you may have tradespeople around to do the job for you, it helps if you learn a few basic skills like carpentry or even plumbing. They’ll come in handy whenever minor problems and inconveniences such as jammed cabinets and clogged pipes arise. It’s important to make immediate repairs so you can maintain the property and retain, if not enhance, its value.

  7. Stock up on supplies
  8. Mountain towns are prone to sudden shifts in weather patterns. Because of this, it is essential to stock up on supplies to tide you over in case of emergencies like getting shut in.

    Some of the things you should always have on hand are firewood, flashlights, batteries, food supplies, fuel, personal hygiene items, and emergency kits. If you want to cover all bases, you might also want to invest in a generator, which can prove invaluable during power outages.

    Other things you should have on hand include satellite phones and walkie-talkies.

  9. Think practical
  10. It can get very tempting to bring everything you own into your new Mountain Village home. It’s better to haul the most practical and valuable belongings because transporting bulky items to the remote town can get very expensive.

    The good news, however, is that most homes for sale in Telluride Mountain Village, CO already come furnished with appliances and furniture, which means that you can leave your old couch behind. But don’t forget other essentials like prescription medication, hand tools, and so on. Consult with your real estate agent about what you may need for your new Mountain Village home and if they’re available in town.

Explore the real estate market in Mountain Village, CO

mountain view from living area

There is no shortage of top-quality properties for homebuyers and investors in Mountain Village, CO.

Homes for sale in Mountain Village, CO come in a wide range of styles and property types. These include condos, ski-in and ski-out properties, luxury estates, villas, and golf properties, among others.

As of June 2022, the median listing home price in Mountain Village, CO was at $2.6 million. Luxury properties like ski chalets, however, are known to have prices of well over $30 million.

Condominiums in Mountain Village, CO on the other hand, usually sell for around $2 million, although the more luxurious, ultra-modern units can sell for up to $6 million.

The benefits of working with experienced real estate professionals

When investing in million-dollar properties like those in Mountain Village, CO, it’s best to work with an experienced real estate agent who specializes in the area. Not only are they good at finding homes and properties that fit a buyer’s needs, but they provide valuable local intel that will help an investor make informed decisions.

Here are the more benefits of working with experienced real estate professionals when investing in Telluride Mountain Village real estate:

Real estate professionals know what to look for
One of the things that make real estate professionals invaluable is their knowledge of the locale, from neighborhoods to properties.They know what aligns with their clients’ real estate goals and wishes.

Real estate professionals know how to spot potential problems
Real estate professionals are trained to spot potential issues in properties, even those that aren’t immediately apparent. This can prevent investors from paying top dollar for a mountain home that will turn out to be a money pit.

Real estate professionals have extensive professional networks
The process of buying a house or any other investment property has many moving parts. Seasoned real estate professionals have cultivated a network of professional contacts who can help you at certain points of the transaction. They can recommend inspectors, appraisers, real estate lawyers, and mortgage professionals, as well as contractors, title companies, and repairmen.

Real estate professionals have amazing negotiation skills
Buyers ultimately want to get the best deal for their investment, which experienced real estate professionals can help you with, given their savvy negotiation skills and extensive market knowledge.

Real estate professionals have access to off-market listings
Unlike standard, single-family homes in the suburbs, luxury properties in places like Telluride and Telluride Mountain Village are not likely to appear in online listings. If you want to get your hands on these types of properties, it’s best if you work with real estate professionals who have access to them such as the T.D. Smith Team.

Find the ski home of your dreams in Telluride Mountain Village, CO with T.D. Smith

If you are looking for a real estate team to help you look for luxury properties and ski homes in Telluride Mountain Village, CO, give T.D. Smith and his team a call.

The president and managing broker of Telluride Real Estate Corporation, T.D. has 40 years of experience in the luxury real estate market. He and his team can help make your real estate dreams into reality. They’ve closed over $178 million in transactions during the last 24 months– a testament to their skill and expertise in the Telluride and Telluride Mountain Village housing market.

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